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The Best of Katy
Real Estate Advertising

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Learn More About The Best of Katy - "Our Revolution" in Local Real Estate Advertising

We are local company based in Katy, Texas, dedicated to helping other local businesses get more customers quickly, easily and cost effectively. We know you have a business to run, and you can't spare millions of dollars and loads of extra employees to manage your advertising and marketing efforts. We don't think you should have to. Instead, let us help you. We’re providing a special venue for local real estate professionals to join together and create a much bigger presence on the internet. There’s strength in numbers and working as a group is much more effective than everyone fighting for the same space.

The old saying, "Build it and they will come" no longer applies to the internet. They've already come and built literally billions of web pages. The problem is no longer getting people to use the internet, it's now getting found on the internet, the compeition is massive and in real estate that problem is compounded by the sheer number of agents competing to be found.
According to NAR statistics over 65% of all people who list their property with a real estate agent list with the first agent they talk to. That makes it extremely important to get and keep people's attention even before they need an agent. You want to be that first agent.
The vast majority of people selling or buying real estate now rely on the internet for most of their information. You need to rpovide them with a source for that information and a link to you with it. We can help you with that and make you visibleon a constant basis.
As the Internet has matured, more information is available locally, and consumers are searching for it. The Best of Katy has "revolutionized" the finding of all that local information. We've centralized Katy's local information into one interactive easy to use place. We need your help to make it even better. Let’s work together and make that information easy for them to find. Let's make it even easier for them to find you.

Technological advances have transformed sections of the World Wide Web from a huge impersonal galaxy into the Local Internet, a resource for information pertinent to your life and a vehicle for communicating and collaborating with your neighbors and friends.

This evolution of the web into the Local Internet makes it possible for you to target and advertise directly to potential local customers. The Best of Katy has been designed to help you tap into the power of the Local Internet like never before to reach these potential local customers, who are online right now, searching for deals, recommendations and information in your community.

The next step in local advertising is here, “Our Revolution” in local advertising has started. It’s time for you to Lead, Follow, or Get out of the Way.

We’re “revolutionizing” local advertising. We’ve created new tools to help you to promote your products and services, and designed our site to get your business listed higher in search engine results on engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo.

Many local businesses have been stumped when deciding where and how to advertise, and end up sinking their budget into placing ads in the yellow pages or the local papers. We think the yellow pages are feeble relics of the rotary phone era, ineffective and unworthy of their outrageous prices and most people today do their research online. Join “Our Revolution” and get in step with the latest technologies in growing your business.

Consumers have already joined “Our Revolution”. Consumers in the information age are much more likely to search for you on the web, and want more information about your business than you can cram into one little static ad. We know you deserve better, so we’ve “revolutionized” the entire process. We’ve created a new package of tools to help you develop a dynamic business listing and raise your visibility in search results.

Join “Our Revolution”, you don’t have to go it alone. Get some help, join a group dedicated to making every business in Katy more visible. What’s good for you is good for the group, and certainly what’s good for the group is good for you and it’s free to join “Our Revolution”.

Moreover, we offer additional affordable service packages that leave phone book ads in the dust for a fraction of your budget. As consumers ourselves, we prefer supporting local businesses over the impersonal big box stores. We trust the pros behind our local businesses for their opinions and expertise.

Much like the idea behind the national hardware and pharmacy chains, we’ve provided a place where you’re business can remain independent and yet join advertising forces with all the other local businesses. With all the local businesses joined together in one spot they all get a lot more bang for the buck.

We're enabling local businesses to take some of this valuable customer interaction online, publishing advice through blogs and newsletters and creating a network by inviting and endorsing other businesses on The Best of Katy. Sharing advice and building a trusted network will bring you and your affiliates more customers through referrals.

We've focused on creating a robust yet easy-to-use suite of tools specific to your needs. We know that there are already many complex and expensive services available online to help local business owners master different aspects of marketing and advertising.

If you’re willing to spend thousands of hours and dollars on your own, you too can create an advertising network, but why would you want to invest all that energy and money into something we’ve already done for you. We've tested what works and incorporated the most effective tactics and strategies into a one-stop shop to help you harness the power of the Local Internet, delivering you more customers while saving you wasted effort and money.

The Best of Katy shares your vision for success and believes in the power of local businesses. The Best of Katy has partnered with Patriot Adverting locally to provide your business the perfect combination of local marketing and internet savvy in one place. Patriot Advertising helps companies succeed in emerging media and entertainment markets, and has extensive experience in advertising and developing truly local experiences.

You can now come to one place and get all your marketing needs, from graphics to business cards and stationery to savvy internet marketing.

We think local businesses are the cornerstone of our communities. We built The Best of Katy to help you thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. We welcome your feedback to help shape the future of The Best of Katy and your local business community.

Welcome to The Best of Katy! Join us, join “Our Revolution” let our team become your team and reach a lot more people locally.
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Business Phone Number
Business Email
Business Website Address
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We have four plans to help you grow your business
Check the plan or plans you want more information about
Free Ad - Bottom of Main page with no link to your site
Name, Address, Phone and Shopping Center or Cross Streets
Bottom of Main page with a direct link to your site
Name, Address, Phone, Shopping Center or Cross Streets and Link to Your Company Website
$15 Per Month or
$150 Per Year
Top of Main Page Feature Section
Name, Address, Phone, Shopping Center or Cross Streets and Link to Your Company Website Plus ad in our monthly newsletter
$25 Per Month or
$250 Per Year
Top of Main Page Preferred Section
Name, Address, Phone, Shopping Center or Cross Streets and Link to Your Company Website Plus ad in our monthly newsletter and Mini-Site with email advertising direct to consumer and online coupons and help with SEO on your current site from our SEO specialists
$50 Per Month or
$500 Per Year
With Banner Ad
$75 Per Month
$750 Per Year
For Information about how to Advertise in our Real Estate section Please Click Here (Coming Soon)

Fo banner ads, placement ads and other types of ads please check below.

Standard Listing (Free)
Please Check and Make Sure your business is currently listed correctly with us. If not please click here to email us
This Listing is Provided at No Charge to you
We provide a free listing with basic information for any Katy business that does not promote Pornography, Illegal Activities or derision of any group. We do not allow any ads related to the promotion of racisim, sexism or religious persecution of any group. We reserve the right to refuse any listing, paid or free, we feel violates these rules.

Enhanced Listing
Bold Type with link to Your Company Site
Listings in alphabetical order
Enhanced Listings Cost
$25 Per Month 3 Month Minimum - Paid Quarterly
$15 Per Month - Year Contract Paid Quarterly
$125 One Year - Paid in Advance

Chinese Restaurants

Chin Won Chinese Restaurant
22167 Westheimer Pkwy

600 X 125 Pixel Ad with Top Listing

Italian Restaurants

Peppino's Pizzeria
26952 La Paz Rd
(949) 643-1355
Aliso Viejo Plaza
600 X 125 Pixel Graphic Ad at Top of Category or (Top of Page Add $15 Per Month)
Ad at Top of Category is the Sponsor Ad for that Category and as such is the first listing people see for that Category (See Example Below) also listed in alphabetical order below ad
$60 Per Month - Month to Month >< 3 Month Minimum - Paid Quarterly
$50 Per Month One Year Contract >< $500 One year Paid in Advance
$25 Set up Fee Your Graphic - $100 Graphic Fee if we provide the Graphic (Includes Set Up Fee)

Top Right Hand Corner of Page Ad

$50 Per Month - Month to Month
3 Month Minimum - Paid Quarterly
$25 Per Month - 1 Year Contract
Paid Quarterly

Right Side of Page Ad

$75 Per Month - Month to Month
3 Month Minimum - Paid Quarterly
$50 Per Month - 1 Year Contract
Paid Quarterly

One Page Ad

Ad Includes Pictures, Logos, Graphics
Enhanced Listing
Link To Page from Enhanced Listing
Phone Numbers - FAX Number
Email - Website Link
Additional Information You Provide
Space for review of Business and/or Accolades from your customers
Coupons & Inclusion in The Best of Katy Newsletter
$150 Per Month (Month to Month)
3 Month Minimum - Paid Quarterly
$125 Per Month With Six Month Contract
2nd Page (Different City) $60 Per Month
Additional Pages (Different City) $25 Per Month
$100 Per Month with One Year Contract
2nd Page (Different City) $50 Per Month
Additional Pages (Different City) $20 Per Month
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Coupon Button with coupon on our site
This button links to a space on our site where we have your coupon placed to be printed (in a printer friendly format)
$15 Per Month Pointing to Coupon on Our Site
3 Month Minimum - Paid Quarterly
$25 To Set Up Coupon You Provide
$50 Set up & Design Standard Coupon

Payment, Billing and Renewal Options

All rates are stated on a per month basis, unless otherwise noted
Contracts create a discount when paid on time, discount to be forfitted for late payments (See Column Right)
Rates are guaranteed for one year with a one year renewal option for a one year contract (Contracts Due but not renewed 60 Days before end of contract will be put up for bid until renewed or cancelled)
One year contract will be automatically renewed at same rate for second year unless advertiser requests contract renewal be cancelled at least thirty days before end of contract
Contract Rates are discounted based on Automatic Payment by the fifteenth of the month previous to the month for which they are due (ie: June 15 for August payment) without invoice
Any payment not received by the 15th of the month will be invoiced on the 16th. Issuance of invoice constitutes notification of late payment and will be billed at the current month to month rate for that ad without contract discount. Invoice due date will be last day of month Invoice is sent out.
Any payment not received before the first day of the due month (Month Following Month of Invoice) will automatically render the contract discount null and void for remainder of contract. All future payments to termination of contract period will be at the current month to month rate till end of contract