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When to Water Your Lawn

One of the most imortant questionsabout lawn sprinklers is also one of the most obvious.
How often do you need to water your yard?
How can you tell, other than seeing the grass turn ugly shades of non green? There are several key factors which go into knowing how often you need to water your lawn.
Here are some quick tips to help you in knowing how often to water.

1. Your Grass

The type of grass your lawn is comprised of will be a big factor in knowing how often to turn on the lawn sprinklers. Grasses such as Bermuda or other hot weather grasses will not require as much watering as cool weather grass like bluegrass. You need to know what type of grass you have and then assess what its watering needs require.

2. Your Ground

The type of soil in your yard is another important factor. Sandy soil will require you to water the grass more often than clay soil.
Sand allows water to quickly soak through, whereas clay will hold in the moisture much longer.
It's also important what types of suplements you've added to the soil. If you started with the bare ground and added nothing you'll have an entirely different result and need than if you put in nutrients and other modifiers.

3. Sun Or Shade

Does your lawn get plenty of shade from tall trees or does it sit in full sunlight all day? This will certainly affect how frequently you'll need to water. The more shade the less evaporates

4. Mowing

How short do you mow your lawn? If you cut your grass short then you will need to water more often.
The shorter the grass the longer the watering time.

5. Weather

This is perhaps the biggest factor in determining how often to water your grass. The hotter the weather the more often grass will need watering.
Also, windy and less humid areas will need more frequent watering as well. Of course, if you happen to be in an area which sees a lot of rainfall you won't have to water as often either.
In Katy and West Houston sprinklers won't need to come on as often or as long as areas such as West Texas. The humidity keeps more of the water in the ground Email Us