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Katy Power Washing is provided as an aid in finding what you're looking for in Katy to help your home & garden and professional services.
Power Washing uses low pressure (damage free) water and house cleaning chemicals to clean surfaces and kill all of the mildew spores. Low pressure is about the amount of pressure that a hand sprayer attached to your garden hose puts out. No paint is removed and its natural color is restored.
Power washing is the only way to professionally clean residential homes. You have to be careful as to what chemicals are being used for power washing though. Many unscrupulous low dollar power washing companies will use muratic acid, sodium hydroxide, or other unsavory cleaners. Both of these substances are harmful to your house and plants. Paying low dollar for a power washing job will cost you more in the long run because of the damage to your home caused by cheap cleansers.
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Katy Power Washing

Katy - Memorial Power Washing
28349 Rose Ln